ViziCities joins UrbanSim

From the 23rd of May ViziCities and I will be moving to our new home at UrbanSim. I will be joining as Co-Founder and Senior Sofware Engineer with the ViziCities technology moving under the UrbanSim umbrella. This will undoubtedly change a few things, which I hope to address in this »

Join 250 others in the Open Data Community on Slack

This is a short and personal post written with the hope that it encourages you to join the new Open Data Community on Slack – a place for realtime communication and collaboration on the topic of open data. It's important to foster open data, as it is to provide a place »

A brief history of ViziCities

The 3D urban visualisation platform ViziCities started nearly 2 years to the day. In this post I'm going to take you on a brief journey from the very beginning all the way up to the present day. We'll even take a glimpse at what lies ahead in the future. I've »